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Describe the most common types of jobs you do for your clients.

By: Head-Web-Guy  |  Jun-20-2012  |  Be the first to comment  |  

Typically we focus on Content Management System controlled websites. We customize the CMS for each of our clients to ensure that the site is easy to use for both our clients and their surfers. This system is also infinitely expandable ... Read More
If you were a customer, what do you wish you knew about your trade?

By: Head-Web-Guy  |  Jun-16-2012  |  Be the first to comment  |  

English: Regional Internet Registries world map. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) There are several pitfalls that small business owners fall into when dealing with their company's web presence. We listed a few below, but remember: the internet is still the wild wild ... Read More
Should you buy facebook fans?

By: Head-Web-Guy  |  Jun-13-2012  |  Be the first to comment  |  

What is Facebook Fans?  We have found a great article about Facebook Fans to give you a better understanding of what exactly it is, what it can do (or don't do) for you, and if its a service that may ... Read More
What are the latest developments in your field?

By: Head-Web-Guy  |  Jun-12-2012  |  Be the first to comment  |  

HTML5 official logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The death of flash and its replacement by html5has been by far the biggest change on the internet recently. For those reading this that are not geeks, flash is the content on websites ... Read More
Thumbtack Q & A Series

By: Head-Web-Guy  |  Jun-09-2012  |  Be the first to comment  |  

Not Just Web Design, but EVERYTHING small business needs Recently i learned about a new social site called - it is a site dedicated to local businesses for local customers.  We signed up (because, well we always sign up ... Read More

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