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One of the very first websites we built using PWA or Progressive Web Apps.  This company which is in Florida is a feed manufacturer which provides high quality feeds to breeders, horse farms, and racehorses throughout the nation.  Their website needed a refresh and additional functionality to be able to service their retailers as well as their customers more effectively.

What they needed:

We helped them to create a website with an online ordering form specifically for their retailers. This form is also the startup page for their PWA or progressive web app that works just like a regular mobile app, but without the additional expense. This new PWA installs on the users' mobile device just like any other, but is not software like a normal app, but rather simplifies the users access to the form they need to use. In addition, we did a complete redesign of their site using the latest technology.

Once we were finished:

They had a more streamlined process for their customers when they needed to order. The form and the PWA enables their customers and their retailers to send orders in with the click of a button rather than surfing through the site to make decisions on what needs to be clicked on and when.

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