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This company, as their name suggests, specializes in exotic animals.  They supply feed and nutritional supplements as well as habitats and other needs for exotic animals.  When i say exotic, i mean EXOTIC!  They have items for everything from crocodiles to camels to crickets... yes they have a product called cricket chow, believe it or not!

Such a unique business doesn't need a whole lot of search engine optimization because, well... there just isn't that much competition in their niche.   Instead we focused on decentralizing their operations so that the cricket breeders (yes that is a thing) in south america will have access to our client's products just like the earthworm breeders in Dallas do (yup, you guessed it... earthworm chow).  We set them up with an online catalog so their e-commerce can grow and automatically run credit card transactions, start the fulfillment process, and even figure out shipping costs and logistics, to all corners of the globe.

Because mobile devices are becoming more prevalent throughout the world, there was an extra emphasis on making sure the store and the website was easy to use on both smart phones and tablets as well as laptops and regular desktop computers.  We set up their layout using a responsive web design to make sure that no matter how anyone viewed their site, they would be able to interact with it easily.

In addition, the content management system will help them with news and updates and other information dissemination that they may need to do.  It also helps with their search engine optimization but that was not nearly as important as everything else we did for them.

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