Content Management System

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Also Known As: CMS, Administrative Back End

A content management system (or CMS) is a system used to organize and facilitate collaborative content creation. This is what we use as our standard platform. Features include scalability (scaling to the whole site/many sites), flexibility in workflows (submit, edit, approve, publish, archive), authorization, and editing or submitting content via a web interface. Additionally the CMS we use includes a polling, newsletter, membership, advertising and just about any of the other basic scripts we offer combined into one all purpose back end administration program
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Content Management System Overview

Some of the benefits of having a Content Management System on your website include:

  • Complete Control
    You will be able to add, delete, move, and modify all of the content on your site though an easy to use graphical user interface.
  • Ease of navigation
    The CMS keeps track of where information is located so that navigation and menuing is done automatically. This means that your users can find what they need from just about anywhere on your website.
  • Automated administration
    CMS's take much of the day to day administration headaches away from our clients who use them. From the calendar to the advertising modules, you will be able to have your website up to date with ease.
  • Infinite Expandable
    Just about any of the other Regular Scripts listed on the right can be integrated into your website, usually at no charge and without much in the way of wait time.

Content Management System Features Include:

(but are not limited to)
    • User registration and permissions system
      giving webmasters the ability to manage user access to content and features
    • Built in caching
      increases the speed of your web site.
    • HTML Compliancy
      to W3C guidelines, and Bobby accessibility makes your website display consistently across systems, enables users with disabilities to get the most out of your site, and also provides for the standards of the future in all output sent to user's browsers.
    • 'Short-URLs' Support
      Instead of seeing long urls containing many, many variables that are not easy for humans to remember, Short-URLs support creates a shortened version of a URL for output to a visitor's browser, making the page more memorable, and also sometimes helping in search engine rankings.
    • Multilingual support
      If you can translate it you can have as many versions of your website in as many different languages as you like. If one page or section is not translated the system will tell the user that it is only available in the languages it is written in automatically.
    • Permissions control.
      Through the permissions system, you can customize your users experience. If you need more help administrating your website, permissions can allow certain members access to add downloads, but not administrate any other part of the website. By the same permissions control, you can create a subscriber based website that gives added functionality to subscribers.
    • Statistics
      records all of this data, and can generate many different reports based on the collected data with just a few clicks!
    • AvantGo
      gives users the ability to read site news on their Personal Digital Assistants (works with the news module).
    • Autolinks
      automatically link keywords to a predefined URL.
    • Censor
      asterisks (*) replace any offending word.
    • Downloads
      a download repository, with ability for users to submit downloads.
    • FAQ
      creates a database of frequently asked questions for your site.
    • Members lists
      all registered members on your site.
    • News
      ability to publish News articles, users can also submit articles for approval.
    • Banners module
      allows banners to display with impression and click counts, and logins for clients.
    • Comments
      add comments functionality to news articles.
    • Polls
      survey your members.
    • Quotes
      display famous quotes, or testimonials from users.
    • Ratings
      rate anything on your site.
    • Recommend Us
      allow users to recommend your site.
    • Reviews
      review anything, and users can also submit their own reviews.
    • Built in search
      provides users with the ability to search your site for a specified word or phrase.
    • Top List/What's Hot
      provides a listing of the most popular content on your site.
    • Web Links
      is a Yahoo style directory where users can submit and rate useful links.
    • Calendar
      an integrated calendar for display of upcoming events.

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B&B Technical Services website designed with ecommerce and content management system using responsive technology
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This fine country store now has a website which will feature not only the products and brands that they offer, but also community events too....
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Mediterranean Villa
Wedding (Site Redesign)

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