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Also Known As: splash page, intro

Flash introductions add a considerable amount of "pazazz" to your website. First impressions are important and a flash intro is about the best first impression your website can give a prospective customer. Usually they consist of very advanced graphics and a text which is completely customizable to your tastes. You can search through the availible flash intro's by searching through our template database, or by clicking the flash intro templates link below


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Flash Intro Overview

Some of the benefits of having a Flash Intro on your website include:

  • Fantastic First Impression
    The first page of your website is often the first impression potential customers get of your company. Even if they see an ad or yellow pages listing before hand, your website is the first time they get a feel of what you are about when not limited to ad sizes or other companies constraints.
  • Added Professionalism
    With a graphically intense and impressive first page, your website will project a sense of value and professionalism that only the most expensive building and furniture can replicate in real life. Think of your index page as the foyer or lobby of your own vertual office and then think about how impressed you would be if you were one of your prospective clients looking at one of the templates or examples listed on the links above
  • Impressive but not obnoxious
    At Your-Web-Guys you can always count on us to think of the client before thinking about how "neet" something is, and a flash intro is no exception. Too often companies pay big bucks for really good flash presentations only to loose many repeat customers because they have wait through a long intro before they can navigate to the rest of the site. Thats why every flash intro we do includes a "skip intro" function that allows folks who have already seen your index page to get past it to the information they are looking for quickly and without hassle

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