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Also Known As: Dynamic FAQ

A knowledge base (aka dynamic FAQ page) shows answers to questions in a categorized format that is easy to navigate but unlike a wiki they are not editable by your surfers. An included search engine makes it even easier for your customers to find the answers they are looking for. Usually a knowledge base is included and used in conjunction with a help desk, but sometimes companies just need specific features that you can only get with a dedicated knowledge base
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Knowledge Base Overview

Some of the benefits of having a Knowledge Base on your website include:

  • Better Customer Relations
    Being able to find answers to their questions quickly and without waiting on a response from a staff member not only keeps your current clients happy, but also gives potential clients one more reason to buy from you
  • Decrease staff workload
    With a comprehensive knowledge base available to your customers, they will click to your website rather than calling your offices. More rather than less information is rarely a bad thing and your knowledge base will make sure all the information your clients could ever need is quickly and easily accessible any time of day or night

Knowledge Base Features Include:

(but are not limited to)
    • Subjects can be grouped by categories and subcategories
    • admin can defined related subjects, categories and subcategories
    • Support for multiple languages (switiching on every page of user interface possible)
    • Search function
    • Option to allow users to rate information
    • Email entry or entire list
    • Admins can attach file to a subject
    • Users can write comments on subject
    • Users can post questions to moderators of program
    • Printer friendly version of every subject

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