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Also Known As: real people reviews, testimonials

A guestbook is a place where visitors to your website can give feedback, make comments, and generally leave their mark so that you know they were there. This encourages your customers to not only visit after the sale, but also to continue visiting to see if anyone comments on their feedback. You have complete control over what is displayed on your guestbook so if you think an entry is unfair, or if you don't like the content of a message, you can easily remove it as well as banning the offending surfer who posted it.

Guestbook Overview

Some of the benefits of having a Guestbook on your website include:

  • Better Customer Relations
    Many business owners are worried that if the feedback form is automatically created there is a chance that bad comments can be seen by prospective customers. In our experience this is not a bad thing, quite the contrary, it is indeed a most desirable one. By seeing the veritable plethora of positive feedback countered by the rare unhappy client it is easy to see that the deficiency is not in your service or product, but rather in that specific client. As a matter of fact many times we see happy customers come back to the site to defend the company against what they feel are unfair attacks by people who aren't happy. This gives prospective customers the chance to see what the "worst case scenario" is, as well as how your loyal customers defend you. If all else fails, you do have complete control over which posts stay and which posts are deleted so take heart, your reputation cannot suffer too badly with a guestbook.
  • Better Search Engine Placement
    Search engines put a premium on web pages which are both rich in text and updated regularly. By having your surfers add their comments to a guestbook you give the search engine spiders more "food" to chew on. This translates to better placement for more keywords.
  • Increased "stickyness"
    Stickyness is the holy grail of web traffic. If a website is "sticky" it holds the attention of its visitors which means they are more likely to absorb the information which you are trying to get across to them. Everyone likes to give their opinion, with a guest book you are actually actively soliciting feedback, not only about your products/services, but also comments on the feedback given already.

Guestbook Features Include:

(but are not limited to)
    • End User Features
      • preview
      • e-mail notification
      • picture upload
      • page spanning
      • html tags handling
      • smilies
      • advanced guestbook codes
      • language support
      • User comments on each entry
    • Administration Features
      The admin area lets you modify, view, and delete messages with ease. It also includes the following features:
      • Limit Message Length
        You can set the minimum and maximum message length. The max. word length is an option to avoid messages from nice people entering a bunch of characters without spaces. :)
      • Censor Messages
        You may have certain words censored on the Guestbook. Words you choose to censor will be replaced by asterisks. All subjects and messages will be affected.
      • Flood Check
        You may prevent users from flooding the Guestbook with posts by activating this feature. By enabling floodcheck, you disallow users from posting within a given time span of their last post. In other words, if you set a floodcheck time span of 60 seconds, a user may not post a note within 60 seconds of his last post.
      • IP Banning
        You may ban any IP numbers from signing your Guestbook. Type in the complete IP number (as in, or use a partial IP number (as in 243.21.31.). The Guestbook will do matches from the beginning of each IP number that you enter.

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