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Also Known As: ticket system, support desk, trouble ticket system

The helpdesk script seamlessly integrates inquiries created via email and web-based forms into a simple easy to use multi-user web interface. Easily manage, organize and archive all your support requests and responses in one place while providing your clients with accountability and responsiveness they deserve


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Help Desk Overview

Some of the benefits of having a Help Desk on your website include:

  • Better Customer Relations
    By setting up a helpdesk you are telling your clients that they are important to you. They can submit, track, and update tickets to your help desk through email or through a web based form. Once you (or one of your staff) update the ticket, the customer is informed and can see exactly who, what, when, and how their problem was solved
  • More productive staff
    The helpdesk can have unlimited helpers in unlimited departments answering questions. They can transfer requests from one department to another as well as select prewritten (canned) email responses to commonly asked questions. There is also a knowledge base of previously answered questions they can search if they get stumped. They can also post an internal note so that supervisors can see information that the customer is not privy to

Help Desk Features Include:

(but are not limited to)
    • Customer Front End Interface
      • New tickets through web form
        Customer can submit a new trouble ticket through your website by filling out a form
      • New tickets through email
        Allows customer to submit tickets through email
      • Ticket Status
        Customer can track responses to the trouble tickets they have submitted
      • My Tickets
        Your customers can see past tickets they have submitted and the responses to them
      • Update Tickets
        After submitting a ticket, with or without a response from the support staff, your customers can add information by posting updates
      • Upload Files
        Optionally you can allow your customers to upload files associated with their trouble ticket
    • Employee Back End Interface
      Most of the options for staff members are customizable so dont worry if you dont want them to be able to do something listed below... you can always turn off that feature
      • Open Tickets
        At a glance, your support staff can see the ticket status, subject, date submitted, what department it is assigned, priority, and customer who submitted it
      • Ticket Action
        Staff can change priority, mark overdue, close ticket, ban email, delete ticket, assign to a different department or to a different staffer
      • Ticket Thread
        See exactly what has been discussed in response to the thread as well as any other responses by staff members
      • Post Internal Note
        Notations can be made to tickets which cannot be accessed by the customer. This is useful when management is tracking responses or has to take over a service issue.
      • Knowledge Base
        Staffers can view previous responses to trouble tickets other customers have submitted
      • Canned Responses
        Many times you will have problems that occur over and over again for different customers. When this happens the support staff can simply select a canned response to the issue without having to retype it over and over again
      • Staff Directory
        With multiple departments and staff members in each one, it is difficult for one person to know exactly who a ticket might need to be transfered to. The searchable Directory allows your support staff to know who is who
      • Search Engine
        Your employees can search tickets both open and closed as well as the knowledge base and canned responses and the staff directory quickly
      • Profile and Preferences
        Each staff member can customise their profile (ie phone numbers, passwords, signatures) and thier preferences (ie timezone, number of tickets per page)
    • Administrator Back End Interface
      • Settings
        You will be able to change just about everything instantly from the defaults (departments, ticket status, etc...) to how tickets are assigned and when they are considered overdue
      • Email Templates
        Customize the canned email responses to various situations from the autoresponse to customers when they submit a new ticket to what the staff sees when tickets become overdue
      • Help Topics
        Unlimited number of help topics can be created and deleted at will. Billing and support are default, but you can add more. When you adding topics you can assign the default priority and the default department they are sent to when a client selects them
      • Departments
        Create unlimited number of departments and set the email account messages come from for that department as well as what autoresponses are issued and when
      • Staff Administration
        Easily add new staff members as well as remove or lock out exemployees. You can even set a staff member to "vaction" mode so they cannot recieve any new tickets while they are not at work
      • Group Administration
        Each staffer is a member of a group (ie managers, administrators, etc...) which has specific access to various things. For instance you can set one staffer as a manager who can delete tickets, transfer tickets, and ban emails but they cannot access other departments. This system is completely customizable to suit your companys specific needs

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