Membership Manager

Ecommerce Script Add On ($999 Set Up, $0 Additional Monthly)

Also Known As: client side admin

A member manager allows you to have a section of your website as "members only". Membership can be free or paid, but either way you have control over who has access to what. The script automatically handles new members and assigns and deletes passwords without you doing anything what so ever. You can remove members and change information if you need to but this is one script which runs without much in the way of input from you.
This item can be added to your website for no additional charge if you have any of the following items or packages already.

Membership Manager Overview

Some of the benefits of having a Membership Manager on your website include:

  • Monetize Your Website
    Many times small businesses do not realize that their websites are not simply online brochures, but can also be a contributor to the bottom line. There are many ways to monitize your website, a members area is definiately one of them. By offering exclusive content that is only availible through a membership you entice surfers to become members
  • Exclusive Content
    Your content is valuable, why not charge for it? There are many things online that people will pay for. From witty commentary to club benefits, a membership manager can open up new ways of marketing your website to prospective clients.
  • Members Only Access
    You can make your members area have access to specific contact information so that your key people are not exposed to the general public. You can even set up specific communications to and from them as well as payment options that non members dont need to be bogged down with

Membership Manager Features Include:

(but are not limited to)
    • Automated signups with email verification
      • You can be certain a new user hasn't given you a false email address.
      • When a user signs up for the first time, a confirmation code is sent to their email address with a link, the account will not be validated until after they follow that link.
      • As an added touch, someone can request their confirmation code be sent to them, protecting against spam traps and other email issues
      • For example, let's suppose they sign up and anti-spam software swallows the message. With this feature, a user can correct their email settings and then request the confirmation code again
    • Unlimited protected areas
      No limitation on the number of directories that can be password protected. When using PHP, you may even password protect portions of the same page, ideal for providing samples to non-paying members while providing the full page to paying members.
    • Password reminders
      Much like other packages, members can arrange to have passwords and login ID's emailed to them, this information will only be sent to their email address.
    • Paypal support
      If you choose, you may provide paid access areas, these areas will require payment before a visitor is allowed access. Paypal can be used to either upgrade an existing members access level or it can be used in place of the signup process
    • Flexible user properties with multiple classifications
      You can have multiple classifications of fields. This is particularly useful if you are using membership management along side a custom form gathering tool or other program that needs to store its own set of information about a given user.
    • Protection against password sharing
      Are you concerned about password sharing? If so, membership management can be configured to limit the number of logins for a given IP number over a period of 24 hours. If enabled, a user who attempts to login from too many locations will be locked out and cannot login again until you specifically enable their account. We have designed membership management to avoid locking out administrators, so you can't lock yourself out!
    • Multiple access levels
      You may use any given number of access areas, this works much like group based (sometimes known as role based) access levels. For example, you will most likely place yourself in the "admin" group and gain access to administrative level areas
    • Importing and exporting of user data
      Are you worried about not being able to access your member information? Membership management supports exporting in a variety of formats, apache group files, tab files, apache password files and an XML format that can be used with XSLT or other applications. Already have a list of members, no problem. We can convert it to XML format, where we can simply import it

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